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Request for Gulf Badhitulu to Indian Government    
Mr.Rudra shankar 's Donation One Lakh Rupees for Air Tickets To the gulf Wokers who were in the jail to reach Mother India)
Donation for Air Tickets for Gulf Badhitulu to Return to Mother India   Donation for Air Tickets for Gulf Badhitulu to Return to Mother India
Donation for IIT Students Who Secured National II Rank From a tribal Village
Donation-For-IIT-Student   Donation-For-IIT-Student
Donation to B.Pharmacy, Student-Nalgonda
Donation to Miriyala Ramu for B.Ph Course   Donation to Miriyala Ramu for B.Ph Course by Sri.Rudra Linganna
Donation to Miriyala Ramu for B.Ph Course-Rudra Shankar   Miriyala Ramu with Sri.Rudra Shankar
Perimalla. Kavitha 5000 donation    
Donation to Veladri University Student
Nirantaram Vidyardhiki Ardhika Sahayam
2nd Dec-07
  Veladri Sevalaku Gurtimpuga Ardika Sahayam 2nd Dec-07
Saleem Ku Sahayam (Help for Saleem to come back to India)
Donation by Sri.Rudra Shankar for M.D.Saleem Khan to Return to India 27Dec-07   Donation by Sri.Rudra Shankar for M.D.Saleem Khan to Return to India 27Dec-07
Request by Sri.Rudra Shankar to Release Saleem Khan   We will help Saleem Khan to Come Back
-Rudra Shankar
Awareness Programmes in Villages of Adilabad,Karimnagar,Nizambad Districts With Cultural Troops by Pravasa bharateeyula sankshema Sangham for Gulf Workers & their Familes by Rudra Shankar
Edarigayaniki Pradamika chiks
5th Nov Adilabad 07
  Rudra Shankar Speech with his Calyural troop in Passport Melae
Gulfku Velli Mosapovaddu 3rd Nov-07   Passport Mela
Videshalaku vaddu - Hyd Mudduu    
5,000 Rupees Donation For Suscided Beedi Worker BY Rudra Shankar in Annaram Village KamaReddy Dist Nizambad
Donation to Beedi Worker   Eeshwari - 01
Eeshwari - 02   Eeshwari - 02
Eeshwari - 04   Eeshwari - 05
Donation to Gulf Worker-Gundeti Rajendhar-Bheemgul.Nizambad
Donation to Gundeti Rajendar's family-Bheemgul BY Sri.Rudra Shankar   Donation to Gundeti Rajendhar's family by Sri.Rudra Shankar
Donation to the family of Rajender by Sri.Rudra Shankar    
Donation for Komuram Bheem's Statue
Donation for Komuram Bheem Statue to put up in Hyderabad   Donation for Sculpting the Komuram Bheem's statue
Komura Bheem Vigraha Nirmanam by Sri.Ganapathi Stapathi   Komuram Bheem Vigraha Nirmanam
Komuram Bheem Vigraha Nirmanam by Sri. Ganapathi Stapathi   Komuram Bheem Vigraha Nirmanam by Sri.Ganapathi Stapathi Garu
Komuram Bheem's statue in Hyderabad    
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