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Salute to the "Mother India" Who Gave Birth to the Great Souls
Chief Minister Sri N.Chandra Babu Naidu & C&MD of Susma Estates Rudra shankar presenting the Rudra Lacchava memorial Komaram Bheem gold medals, to the students.
Having Lived in utter penury, Rudra Shankar never became insensitive to people living in poverty and always contributed a part of his income to meritorious OC-BC, SC, ST and urdu medium students, by awarding them each 10 gms of gold and each one Gold Medal.
As Rudra Shankar witnessed the benefits of education, both at home and abroad encouraging the poor students to study more and more and advised the parents to educate their children. He considered it as his duty as a citizen, but not for ostentation. If every person in the society, happens to follow this type of footsteps, we can build a society whose foundation is love and trust.
Sri Rudra shankar C&MD of SUSMA ESTATES (P) LTD.donating terricot uniforms to the students.The others seen in the picture are Rudra shankar's Father, the MEO and others
As a child, RUDRA SHANKAR always dreamt of wearing Terricot clothes. But it became " SOUR GRAPES ", because of his poverty. He makes it a point to provide the poor school children with Terricot clothes every year. He feels very contented when he looks at the happy faces of the children.
RUDRA SHANKAR, always respects his teachers.In 1980, he completed his SSC and left his home town for ITI training. He went to many places for his livelihood and finally reached Hyderabad and achieved his goals. In the year 2004, he felicitated his school teacher, Sir VITTAL , who taught Mathematics to him. Thus he honoured his teacher and received their blessings. In their honour, he distrubuted the PLATES ( MID-DAY MEALS PURPOSE ) to the poor students.
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Rudra Shankar's co-worker, Sudhakar died of cardiac arrest, in 1994. His death crippled the family and was left behind wife and 3 children of age 2, 5 and 6 respectively.
Inspite of RUDRA SHANKAR's efforts company refused to offer employment to SUDHAKAR's wife. RUDRA SHANKAR's
wanted to help the family but at that time he was a mere worker earning Rs 3000/- per month. But in the year of 2000, he helped them by giving an amount Rs. 25,000/- to Mary (wife of Sudhakar) in the form of fixed deposit in the name of her children.
Parayi Deshamulo Anaadha Shavalu (Dead Bodies of gulf workers - to India)
P55,000 CMD Gulf Donation   Andhrajyothi-26-12-08
Bheemaiah-Khanapur-6   Bhimaiah Family
Bhimaiah Shavamtho kalakarula Pradarshana ( CMD )   Bollarapu. Shankar Nizamabad Zilla.
Geedipally. Gopal Krishna Reddy   Gulf Baditula Durbara Jeevitham
Gulf Baditulakosam Pratyeka Nidhi   Gulf Baditulanu Aadukondi Rudra Shankar
Gulf karimikulakosam Samkshema nidhi arpatu cheyali CMD 3-4   Issanagark Cherina Mrutadeham
Karmikudi Kutumbaniki Aardhika Sahayam CMD   Parai Deshamlo Bharathiyula Anadashavalu CMD 31 st March
Samajamlo Asmanatalu Perigipothunnai    
Paraye Desham Lo Anada Savalu
Veella Bathukulu Goram
  Edari Bathukullo Padma Vyuham
Gulf Jaillalo Endaro Telugu Tammulu   Gulf Pakkaku Ellodduro Dingary 3rd Nov-07
Sri. Rudra Shankar helping to send the Dead Body of Siva Prasad R/O Vizag to India   Sri. Rudra Shankar helping to send the Dead Body of Siva Prasad R/o Vizag to India
Sri.Rudra Shankar helping to send the Dead Body of Siva Prasad R/O Vizag to India   Sri. Rudra Shankar helping to send the Dead Body of Siva Prasad R/O Vizag to India
Aakali kasom Mana Aadapaduchula badhalu   Donation to Siva Prasad's-Vizag Family
Donation to Siva Prasad's-Vizag Family- by Sri.Rudra Shankar   Naseeruddin Age 20 R/O Jagitial (Kngr)
Gampedashatho Gulf Velli Shavamaina Naseeruddin Age 20 R/O Jagitial (Kngr)   Mr Rudra Shankar Handed 2 lakhs ICICI Accidental Insurance Policy to Mohsin Mohd,R/O Nirmal Died in Bahrain
Collecting Fund to Send Naseeruddin's Body to India   Adilabad Eenadu 10th Dec 2004
(Mohsin Mohammed,Bahrain)
(Mohsin Mohammed,Bahrain)   (Mohsin Mohammed,Bahrain)
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