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Company Policy
Real Estate business is considered as a shady business in Metropolitan cities. Umpteen number of people are cheated everyday. In such a backdrop, "Susma Estates", stands apart and has proved its worth by its determination and hardwork. Susma Estates ensures safety, irrespective of the customer.
We don't have 'Lucky Draws' to attract the people 'No Maruti Cars, No Maruti Vans, Motor Bikes or Colour Televisions. SUSMA ESTATES thinks that the customer need " Genuine Services".
The other name for Susma Estates Pvt. Ltd.
We believe that 'Customer is the witness" for the dos and dont's of the company.
Many NRI's, who have invested in the venture have returned to their respective places with a secured feeling. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We also present the customer opinions on the video. We proudly announce our customers. We do have the particulars of our customers. You are free to enquire about us with the NRI's, who have invested in our venture. We are ready to provide you with the addresses and phone numbers of the NRI customers. You can enquire with them .
Have you purchased plots in Susma Estates?
In what way you are acquainted to the C&MD Rudra Shankar?
Is it a genuine Company? And many more Questions could be asked ?
Please do enquire and be a proud plot owner in our company venture.
Aadarinchandi Aashirvadinchandi.
Cheekatlo Chiru Deepam.
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