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CMD Biography
In most of the Telangana districts, the women, including the 10 yr old girls, begin their daily routine work at 4:00 a.m , rolling the leaves. It goes on till midnight. They are proned to cancer and old age falls early.  
The poor families, who do not have even a acre land depend on this occupation which is hazardous. Rudra shankar's family is one among them. Rudra Lacchavva mother of Rudra Shankar can be seen in the photograph rolling the Beedies (wearing Spectacles).
Seeking the blessings of Father Rudra Linganna (Mason, Thapi Mestri) and Mother Rudra Lacchavva (Beedi maker).
Eventhough they were poor and uneducateds, they made their children walk on the path of truth and honesty
Rudra Shankar right from his 6th standard used to sell ice-creams in the streets and during the nights, sold ground nuts, at lakshmi theatre in his native place Khanapur. He secured I st class in SSC , financial crisis made him Join ITI (Electrician) though having an urge to pursue higher studies.  
After completion of I.T.I. he first joined in Someshwara Cement company, then in Singareni mines, and then in ACC cement company. Finally he joined in ORIENT cement company of "BIRLA GROUP (India's famous industrialist group).He became a trade union leader at the age of 20 years and continued for 13 Years.
Mr Rudra shankar Submitting a memorandom of 'Ban on Liquor ' to Sri Nandamuri Taraka RamaRao. Chief Minister A.P. Smt Malladi Subbamma and B .Venkata Rama Rao are also in the picture
Mr. Rudra Shankar Submitting a memorandom of ' Ban on Liquor ' to Sri Krishnakanth Ex: Governor A.P., Ex- Vice President of India.
On One hand Mr. Rudra shankar has Dedicated his services for the welfare of labour and workers community & for their rights he has taken an intiation with management to solve their problems with dedication, sincerity and devotion. On the other hand he has performed an active participation as the state joint secretary in the historical struggle against the cheap liquor to prevent the downfall of lakh of poor families.
Mr Rudra shankar in his 13 years of life as a factory worker never compromised with the management, faced several problems fought for the rights and welfare of co-factory workers who trusted him as their true representative.  
Under Unavoidable circumstances he resigned his factory worker job not knowing how and where he is going to land up in future, leaving behind his beloved. Factory & village which he treated as his mother.

Mr. Rudra Shankar CMD Susma group is discussing
with honorable chief minister Dr. Y.s.rajashekar reddy.
Today the chairman & Managing Director Rudra shankar of Susma Estates pvt ltd.
Rudra shankar reached Hyderabad without a single penny but with a great selfconfidence of converting the struggle for hunger to economic struggle.
Rudra shanker with disciplined & strong will power, sincerity, honesty, continuous hard work, utilizing every single minute started a small real estate agency in Hyderabad, he made plots available to many customers with his honesty & clear titles. Struggling hard this way he became the proud owner of SUSMA ESTATES PVT.LTD., His sincerity & devotion in the past factory workers life has given him the blessings of the workers community & made him rise to the highest position in the ladder of life.
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